Eating Disorder Awareness Month

It's Possible.

February, already?! Holy smokes…where has the time gone people. Well, this is the month of National Eating Disorder Awareness, so a special month that it is for those of you who are either battling this mental illness, overcame it or know someone who is battling ED.

Recently, I came across a blog from a fellow ED sister, and it spoke about replacing the word “recovery” with mental illness, with the word “hope”. Since the beginning of July 2014 when I began my treatment, I have been surrounded by the term “recovery” and not that I don’t appreciate the meaning behind it, the article really gave me some insight on what it truly is like to fight a mental disorder. Hope gives me more clarity, hope means the grass can be greener on the other side, hope tells me I can do it. I am hopeful.

So many changes have already…

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