The Walking Dead Midseason 5 Finale Recap: Boom Clap


I know, I know. I’m over The Walking Dead. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch the midseason finale! It’s a doozy. Or rather, the last few minutes of the episode are engrossing. The rest, well…it’s the new normal of sullen predictability.

Rick finalizes his metamorphosis into Bad Ass Rick, emphasis on the bad. Rick’s singular purpose is on his group, his people, and no one else. As such he takes out Officer Bob after New!Bob knocks out Sasha and attempts to escape. Rick didn’t have to kill him. Heck, he didn’t even after to run him over. He just had to drive his car around, cut off New!Bob’s frantic run, and re-apprehend him. Why didn’t he? Because he didn’t feel like it. This is New!Rick. How do you like him?

Boring, stupid stuff takes up most of the episode, all of which is a move to…

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