The 14 Worst Things Retail Workers Have To Deal With During Black Friday

Thought Catalog

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Ahhh, Black Friday. A glorious tradition of complete and total chaos with the ones you love most! Together, millions of people wake up in total darkness, struggle to zip up their jeans from the feast they partook in the night before, and rush down to the mall for the best deals in town. What a lovely, lovely time to make everlasting memories, right? And if you are one of the lucky employees WORKING during Black Friday, oh boy do you make memories…. and here are some things you can expect.

1. People forget you’re a human being

There’s some horrible voodoo spell Black Friday casts that sometimes turns otherwise nice, docile people into the most horrible, vile creatures to walk this planet. Sound harsh? I once had a woman tell me I wasn’t wrapping her gift quickly enough and then added, “Ugh, people like you don’t even deserve…

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