On Celebrities and Image Control


The cult of the celebrity is something that will always be fascinating to me. Maybe it’s because I’m an official “spin doctor” (a term I hate yet acknowledge its inherent truth), but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about celebrity spin and how stars try to control their image. All celebrities want people talking about them on their own terms and about things they can control. But how much of it is genuine?

First off, we have Bill Cosby. The past rape allegations once again brought to light by comedian Hannibal Buress have not yet been personally addressed by the beloved sitcom star himself. Shortly after an ill-timed Twitter initiative backfired against him, Cosby went on NPR to officially talk about African art, but was of course also asked about the Twitter fiasco and the allegations. His response? Dead silence. Instead of issuing a statement of any kind, Cosby refuses to tackle this issue head-on, choosing…

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