BIG CORPORATIONS, little salary

walmart_low_morals_alt“Profit” is what Jenna Barnum, 24 of Chicago, IL says when it comes to the issue of multimillion dollar corporations like Walmart and McDonald’s paying their employees so little. These companies are notorious for not paying their employees a livable wage and they’ve had to deal with employee retaliation on numerous occasions. Others like Kristine Deck, 33 of Chicago, IL says “that there are standards that are set in place and most companies don’t want to deviate from those standards.”

But would it be so wrong to deviate from these standards (being the financial structure or regulations) for the sake of the employee’s life outside of the workplace? Some companies have corrupt executives who could care less about the people who do the hard work. “Money hungry a**holes” is what Amber Jones, 29 of Evanston, IL thinks of the higher ups who get away with this robbery. It’s not only financial robbery, but personal robbery. These people work their butts off for 8 hours or more a day and they have nothing to show for it. Their checks are practically nonexistent.

Many have to take on more than one job or get public assistance just to get by because of the position they’re in. These people have families they need to support and $8.25/hr., give or take, is simply not enough. Corporations who have all this money for the executives need to do more to keep their employees happy and be making a good profit on top of it. Lina Perez, 37 of Chicago, IL says “they’re focused on making money for the higher ups and not looking out for those whole stare their customers in the face every day.” Some execs don’t have face to face interaction with their employees and the reasoning for that could be from fear of facing the truth.

Case in point, according to National Public Radio, a McDonald’s employee named Nancy Salgado attended an event where the President of McDonalds was speaking and confronted him on why is she still making minimum wage after being with McDonalds for 10 years. “It really doesn’t make any sense for them to make so little for a company that is clearly capable of paying them a livable wage” says Christian Evans 44, of Arlington Heights IL. There’s absolutely no reason for Walmart and McDonalds to be making immense amounts of money, yet paying their employees so little that some still have to go on food stamps to make ends meet. Bloomberg reported that these 2 companies are the biggest where their employees need additional assistant.

No employee at any job in the world should need additional public assistance to get by. It’s understandable that in the beginning its going be minimum, but this should increase over time not remain stagnant, and these execs wonder why they have a bad reputation when it comes to the situation of their employees. Corporate greed is the main reason, “so the higher ups can have a bigger check” says Kayla Stephens 21, of Rockford IL. But would it be such a big dent in their pockets to give their employees a wage they can live on and not need additional public assistance? The answer to that is simply no, not only will they have happier employees but then maybe, just maybe, people won’t be so reluctant to work there.



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