When A Woman’s Fed Up

Women, complex and complicated creatures aren’t we? Yes and no. Yes because we experience things that can cause others (specifically men) to wonder “What the fuck??” and no because if these other people took the time to study up on women behavior and the changes we go through to get a better understanding, you wouldnt have to wonder why we are the way we are sometimes. But overall, these other characters aren’t women so in all honesty, no matter how much research you do on women behaviors or our moodiness, you will never TRULY understand the female speciment. Now on to why I’m even writing this even though with my current mood I didn’t think i think i’d wanna write. But here it goes, the focus for right now is women and our moodiness. “God she’s being such a bitch for no reason!” “Whats with the attitude?” or “What the fuck did I do?!” These are the potential questions that men may have in mind when it comes to dealing with us girls in our moods. Maybe since i’m in an inexplicable bad mood right now I chose to write about this. Now a big mistake that men make when it comes to situations like this is asking “Whats wrong?” THAT’S A NO-NO boys! Because in all honesty we ourselves don’t know whats wrong, were just really pissy for no reason. Men need to understand that we (both male and females) can’t truly hold in how we feel, women are just more vocal about it. Even if she doesn’t go about it in the right way, shes letting it be know so give her some credit for that. Now if you go pass the barrier and call her bipolar, oh your asking to get your ass kicked! Its one thing to question a pissed off woman’s inexplicable behavior, but then to go as far as to call her bipolar. WOW you really have no type of understanding the female specimen at all do you? NO? Thought so. Guys please just understand that this shit just happens and we cant control our moods because that can make your perception of women be a lot smoother.


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