Look At The Flowers

Image***WARNING SPOILER ALERT*** March 16th episode of AMC The Walking Dead has been the most emotional I’ve seen since, well, the series first started. Thus far in the second half of season 4, everyone has been forcefully broken up as a result of the Governor raiding the prison with a freaking M60 Patton tank, thus leading to an invasion of walkers in the prison, forcing everyone to flee. But the group of focus in this episode was Tyreese, Carol, Mika, Lizzie and baby Judith. Still on their journey to Terminus, they come across a house in a grove and decide to seek shelter there for a few days. Carol talks to Mika about how she needs to be tough as a survival mechanism and that she has to learn that killing walkers is the right thing to do. But Mika being the sweet little angel that she is, doesn’t see it that way. So all is well, they spend the evening relaxing, cracking pecans and enjoying some peace of mind knowing they’re in a safe house. The next day Carol sees Lizzie in the yard playing with a walker in the yard like it isn’t dangerous. After she kills it Lizzie is very upset and tells Carol “she was my friend”. Yeah, she was your friend alright. You would think that little encounter with a walker would teach Lizzie not to play with them, but this won’t be the first time that Lizzie “plays” with a walker. Later, Mika spots her sister Lizzie far from the house and decides to follow her to see what she’s doing. She finds Lizzie playing with an incapacitated walker on the train tracks, feeding it a rat. Her sister warns her to stop but Lizzie doesn’t think what she’s doing is bad. In fact, she say that her walker friend want her to be like them. Then a group of vaporized walkers comes from the bushes and is after them. Later as Carol and Tyreese are walking, Tyreese tells Carol that he still dreams about Karen and I thought she was going to admit to him that she’d killed Karen but no she didn’t, at least not yet. When they return to the house they see that Lizzie killed Mika and was about to kill baby Judith :’(. Now this would be a perfect point to end the episode but no it’s only 40 minutes in and it only gets worse. As a result of what Lizzie has done, Carol makes a hard decision for the safety of the baby and other people. The next day, Carol leads Lizzie away from the grove and her last words to Lizzie are “look at the flowers” then she shoots her. That evening Carol admits to Tyreese that she killed Karen along with David so the disease wouldn’t spread in the prison. I felt a sense of uneasiness as to how Tyreese would react since the gun was right on the table, but he forgives her and they move forward. The next day they bury the girls, pack their belonging and leave the grove headed to Terminus.


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