Hard-Knocks of a Veghead

ImageVegetarians, I’m pretty sure we all know at least one, maybe even two. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 3 ½ years, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. But along with choosing to adapt to a new eating regime, you’ll have the scrutiny from family, friends or even peers who either don’t know much about vegetarianism or base their opinions on stereotypes. People who find out that I’m a vegetarian, are truly surprised. It’s always an awkward moment when I’m at a barbeque of a family member that I barely even see and they ask me why I’m not eating a lot, and my reply is usually “I’m a vegetarian”. I’m a rarity, if not the only person, in my family who is a vegetarian. Of course there’s people who applaud my choice and say “OMG I couldn’t do it. I don’t see how you could” and I usually find that statement to be somewhat comedic. But then I unfortunately have people around me who question my choice, what I eat, and comment on my body. “Oh no wonder you’re so skinny” or “Girl, you need some meat in your life so you can gain weight” or “How do you even get protein?”, that just to name a few. In the beginning, hearing things like that were hurtful and made me want to not tell anyone. But as time passed, I’ve learned that’s it’s to be expected and it doesn’t really bother me anymore, even if the comments are bad. Instead of immediately spewing out random negative comments towards someone who made a healthy lifestyle choice, how about you commend them and understand why they decided to choose that route before you scrutinize them.


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