So as I was waiting for my Algebra class to start, a girl walks past me wearing a KONY 2012 shirt. and I wonder, does she regret buying that shirt now that the world knows the whole thing was a scam? I hope she does, but I’m not her so I can’t be for sure.I totally understand if she thought “I paid for this, I might as well wear it.” Did she not demand a refund after the truth was revealed about the ironically named “Invisible Children”? Was she at least offered one? Eh I’m gonna say no because she still has the paraphernalia.

But seeing that today made me realize how naive a lot of people really are. Why? because anyone who’s willing to think the whole KONY thing through, ask questions and get information would’ve realized it was a bunch of bullshit from the beginning. It also shows that a lot people jumped on the KONY bandwagon and brought the “box of stupid shit” without questioning what buying that box is actually going to do. Sure the shirts are kinda cool, but does buying that stuff really make a difference? Eh maybe, kinda, not really, no.

It’s cool to support something that “helps” kids, but its better to educate yourself about it first. I find it kinda funny, that she did wear shirt. Yes she paid for it, so might as well wear it, but by advertising it she gives off the vibe of being naive by going as far as to buy the kit. So pretty much the entire world has seen the video, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she got some type of criticism for advertising something that was a scam to get money from our youth (I only really saw teens around my age, im 18 by the way, and give and take a few years in the video).

92377Yegd WUnlike most fads in American history that lasted a month or a couple more like sea monkeys, dance-dance revolution, and animal bands the KONY thing only lasted a day. But in supporting the KONY campaign, it shows how quick we are to jump on the bandwagon. So maybe people who supported that campaign thought it would last a really long time, that would’ve be an excuse for her to buy the action kit. I don’t know what she was thinking, maybe she thought “ooh I wanna support the kids of Uganda, I’m gonna buy this”, and we all know Americans are suckers for sad stories about little kids. Well, anyone actually, if they have a heart.


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