iPad 3 SMH really apple?

ImageSo Apple has decided to make another iPad, but instead of calling it iPad 3, they’re going to call it “the New iPad”……uh okay. Aside from having higher resolution, a better processor, more storage and memory, a “fancy” camera and the 4G LTE, there’s really nothing special about it. Although I love Apple (I can’t live without my iPod) the iPad has been the bane of my existence since it started. Yes, it has things about it that I do like, but I have more qualms than approval of it. The fact thats its a GIANT iPod Touch, no camera flash, no multitasking, no USB, NO EASY CARRYING, I can go on but I’m goning to stop there. It seems to me that Apple is milking the iPad for all it’s worth, because who really wants 3 of essentially the same shizz? So Apple until the iPad comes with a tool that can display Holograms, I’m really not impressed.


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